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Phone Policy

Dear Parents,


We, at Camp Shoresh, place the safety of the children who are in  our care as our highest priority. In addition to physical safety, the emotional and spiritual safety of our campers is of paramount importance. As such, we have instituted limits on technology use in camp. While the availability of technology in our world has many positive uses, it can also be harmful to those who do not use it properly. While we know that our campers and counselors are emotionally healthy and well-grounded, sometimes, even the most well meaning children, will stumble upon some material online that can leave a lasting negative impression upon them or upon their friends.


Additionally, we consider Camp Shoresh to be an oasis of growth in a distracted world. In order to take full advantage of this growth we would like our campers and staff to be fully focused and engaged in the exciting programming that is available to them in camp. Understandably, children who are distracted on the phone or online, will not be able to fully engage in the camp environment. This will have a detrimental effect on developing friendships, on their social life in camp and on their ability to absorb the beauty of the Camp Shoresh atmosphere. By leaving our phones at home, we will create a focused, fun, and fulfilling environment that will be a welcome respite from the sometimes frenzied life of our technology saturated world.


In light of this please take a few moments to thoroughly review our cell phone policy


Any electronic device that has internet access or is capable of playing videos are not  allowed in camp (iPhones, iPads, any smartphone etc.) This applies to devices that have filtered internet as well. All such devices are not to be brought to camp. These rules apply on trip days as well.

Campers grades 4th-8th are not permitted to have  phones.They will be permitted to call home on Erev Shabbos and on Tuesday using the office phones.


Campers in grades 9th-11th can rent a kosher phone with unlimited calling and texting for $30 per month .

To order please email


Staff under 21 years of age are expected to use kosher phones that will be distributed upon arrival.


There will be a zero tolerance policy in regards to the cell phone use.


Please feel free to reach out with any specific questions regarding the policy.  


We greatly appreciate you partnering with us to enable our campers to maximize the Camp Shoresh experience!




Rabbi Sonnenschein -Morah D’asrah                           Rabbi Beitler-Director

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