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General Information

56 Ranger Road 

Swan Lake ,NY 12783


First Session - June 25, 2023 - July 20, 2023

Second Session -July 23, 2023 - August 17, 2023

Summer Zman Second Session Part 1-TBD

Summer Zman Second Session Part 2-TBD


Tuition per session: Regular Camper (4th-8th Grade) - $3200 plus $300 trip fee

                                  Mesivta (8th-11th Grade) - $3200 plus $300 trip fee

                                  Sports Staff(12th Grade) - $2000 plus $300 trip fee

                                  Bein HaZmanim TBD


Full summer:            (4th -11th Grade) - $6150 plus $600  trip fee


Shoresh Sports Camp: 4th-8th

Mesivta: 9th-11th

Sports Staff -12th Grade

Bein Hazmanim: Bais Medrash

Staff: Bais Medrash/12th Grade 

Packing List

Click here to see the recommended packing list for  summer 2023

Phone Policy 

Click here to access our phone policy

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